Water Main Repairs

    Water repairs, it is another big word out there and it is very hard to find reliable companies that can do the job. If sewer repairs is one of our main business then you have guessed it, water main repairs is the other or water repairs, we like water main repairs better since water repairs can mean so many things, But water main repairs exactly describes the type of business we are in and what we do. 

    Water main repairs the same as sewer repairs are very common, and the permits we get for them are also very similar. It is no surprise then that we do them both. 

    Water main repairs as well as sewer repairs are very serious and they need to be address immediately, like we have already said in our other pages, NYC does not take this issues lighthearted and will issues a ten to three day notice to homeowner to fix the issue, if the problem is not fixed within that time period the city will shut off the water. 

    Shutting down the water means no more shower for anyone in your house, your pool won’t get water if you have one that is and in this hot summer, you should definitely have one since it very hot outside. Well before we move off topic, then yes, water main problems are serious. You do not want to leave your loved ones including yourself without water, and these issues are very serious, specially in the city since there are lots of cables running thought the floor, some but not all, include. Electricity cables, TV cables, internet cables, and so on. This is one of the many reasons the City of New York shuts down your water, if you fail to comply to what they tell you to do. With that being said, there is no need to panic since we have repaired many water mains since our inception and we know how to do it right. Yes, failure is never an option. 

    It is the same process as getting your sewer repaired, we take down your name, phone number and address and then we give your number to one of our specialist, who will be calling you, to get more information on what is going on. We will visit your site, and well then evaluate the problem, there are times where we don’t come to your site and that is because we have done this type of jobs many times that we know what the problem is, without even looking at it, yes many of the jobs are very similar and therefore we know before hand what is going on. In the case that we come to your place, we will let know. Once the water main problem gets evaluated. We will send the information to our office to start getting the proper permits. All of this work is done in house. We will also let you know of time frame when your work will be completed. 

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