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Subsurface Watermain & Sewer Contractors Inc. is one of the leading experts of the water main and sewer businesses in New York City.  Subsurface Watermain & Sewer Contractors is owned and operated by a third generation NYC licensed plumbers.  With five family members on staff. 

The sewer services we provide are:

  • Repairs and replacements of existing sewer lines for private homes, multiple dwellings, commercial and industrial properties. 
  • Responding to DEP Issues 10 day notices/cease and desist order regarding broken sewer lines, usually causing damages to NYC streets. 
  • Tree root damage and backups 
  • New building and alteration sewer installations. 
  • Sewer camera inspection 

All  sewer  services  whether  they  are  sectional  repairs,  complete replacements  or  new  building installations are supervised by licensed owners/plumber. This is to provide you with the best possible service and customer satisfaction.   We own all our own equipment and do not sub-contract any part            of the job out.   We invite and encourage our customers to come down to our office to review our claims. 

Come see our yard full of equipment.   If you liked playing with toy trucks and backhoes when you were a kid I’ll have one of my operators show you how the equipment works, if it is a slow day may even let you  try out a backhoe and dig a hole in our yard. 



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 When it is time to make the big decision

  • Choose the best, not the oldest, not the biggest, and not the company with the endless advertisements.  
  • To claim being the best is a very bold statement that most companies are not willing to back up.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words, however meeting the personnel of the company and seeing     what we actually do is worth the cost of  repairing/replacing your sewer. 
  • Take us up on our offer of coming to our office at 1776 East 49th Brooklyn.   No appointment necessary, we will even have a cup of coffee waiting for you. 
  • You will be introduced to our office staff and you can be shown the contracts of thousands of     previous job and will be able to answer any questions that concern you. 
  • Inspect our equipment, tooling and the materials we use.

made in america - pullini sewer


Questions that a homeowner should ask

  • Who is running the company? 
  • Is he a licensed NYC plumber? 
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Can you provide past clients references for similar work? 
  • What permits are needed and how long do they take to obtain?
  • A line by line explanation of the contract. 
  • Are any part of the job sub-contracted? 
  • How much damage to my side walk or front yard will this job cost?
  • Can I be present when the NYC inspectors are checking the job?
  • What type of materials is going to be used?  
  • How soon can the job be started? 

Take us on up our offer

                                   Call us 718-745-7227


or visit us at 1776 East 49th, Brooklyn, NY. 







Cease and Desist orders are serious.

  • They must be dealt with within ten days.
  • In short they say you have a defective sewer.
  • In most cases they are causing street collapse issues.
  • Tree roots and sewer joint separations are the most common.  
  • Monetary violations and monetary penalties can be assessed on your property costing thousands to remove. 




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Plastic sleeve causing sewer problems.
Plastic sleeve causing sewer problems.
A legal PVC pipe.
A legal PVC pipe.
Sewer replacement using casting pipe
Sewer replacement using casting pipe