You bought a new house or have bought a new building and all of the sudden you realize the water and sewer do not work. Do not worry we have been in the sewer and water mains business for generations and our work speaks volumes. 

Simply call us and we will take your job and get it done, like we always say “failure is not an option” 

The problems most of our customers face are sewer and drain repair. That is because over time these get worn out, and do not work for anymore and therefore would need to be fixed or replaced. Customers call us when they get a DEP three day to ten day notice. That is when most realize something is off, and the city brings them a notice. 

Other times it happens because owners are on top of their house and know what is going on and when they detect something is off, they call us to fix their drain and sewer. All of our paper work is done in house and no job get sub-contracted. We start by taking note of your address, name, and a best phone number to reach you. We give the information to one of our specialist who then will call you and speak with you in detail about what is going in, our specialist may even come down to check the work and evaluate your residence or place of business. 

We then send the information to our office where we start getting all the necessary paper work and permits with the city to start working. Our specialist will go in detail with you about over what needs to be done and will give you a time frame when then work will be completed. 

Our work is precise and we take pride in everything we do, from calling our office, to getting the right documents, to the beginning of each excavation, we do it right and we do it good. 

Since we are on that note, many people do not know that their sewer and drain repair is related to excavation and not to plumbing, but if you are wondering if we do plumbing work, yes we do, such as fixing water leaks. 

One of the owners of the company is a licensed plumbers, and he will happy to assist you on all your plumbing problems. for more info call the following number.



Drain and sewer repair can not be a more accurate description about what we do here at Subsurface Water mains and sewers contractors. We will be very glad to assist you, so do not hesitate and call us. Our receptionist will gladly help you out and take all the required information. For drain and sewer repair call us.