You might be thinking it is a good idea to enroll at American Water Resources but we don’t believe it. American Water Resources is an insurance company and they can not help you, nor will they help you pay for the most expensive work most of the time you house needs, they do pay for small repairs but that is it.

It hurts you in the long run and also us since we can not perform the work that is needed to fix your home right away but we are forced to just do small patches on your sewer line and then come back at a later date to repair them, when they are much more worse and that is something neither you or someone else wants.

We want to be able to get in your home and do the job that it is need without worrying about your insurance, we are also very forthcoming about how much the job will cost and how much you will end up spending. We do not hide behind late fees or unseen price increases or out of the blue price hikes, we do the job and we do it good and our price is transparent, we go over it with you so you know what and why you are being charged. We even go as far as telling you how long the job will take, because we have done it many times. American Water Resources will put a limit on how much we can do and if we can not do our job well and properly then have we really done it well. Most likely no. Give us a call and we will go over our pricing with you and how much the cost will be. Here is our phone number.