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Why Sewer Backup Prevention Valves are Very Important?

Why Sewer Backup Prevention Valves are Very Important?

Sewer backup prevention valve may have a fancy name but they do not work. They are inefficient and they cause more troubles than they fix. We have visited countless houses and we have seen the problems first hand. We have also heard that many home owners have been told that it is the best way to have a sewer secured.

Well it is not, there are other ways and the best way, or the way we recommend a gravity sewer system, not a sewer backup prevention valve or what is sometimes called as a check valve. It works by having securing a toilet pipe, it does sound fancy since who doesn’t like to stop one pipe and then use the other pipe to continue running water on it and then let go of the pipe that was stopped and vise versa. The problem is it very seldom is good for a home and it can actually cause problems for the home. A gravity system uses you guess it gravity to push all fecal down the drain, and it is always going down, never to the side or up, but down.

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