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Why do Houses Share a Sewer Line

Why do Houses Share a Sewer Line

Many houses built in the early 1900’s were some of the first houses ever built, the houses were beautiful and had a nice a appeal to them. But many had their sewer lines share, at the time it seemed like a good idea, since two houses could help each other if something went wrong and they were always looking for better ways to improve their home.

Well fastforward to the present day and things have changed, most people want their own sewer line and are not in the habit of sharing what they own and so two house one sewer line is becoming a problem.

Luckly it can also be fixed, since we have done brand new renovations, for many houses we know how to create new sewer lines and forever break the link from two houses. It is a big job but a job that we are happy to get done. To learn more about how to separate your sewer line that is connected to another house, simply call us and we will gladly assist you.

Some of the cons for shared sewer lines is that you have the other house be on the lookout as well as your self for any sewer problems, you can share the risk but if you do not want to and want to be independent instead then it is best to break off.

One of our workers who has been with us for a very long time knows about these problems and he will guide you, but also our founders, Rico and Eddie can help you out, simply call us and ask for them and they will talk to you in detail, about what needs to be done. Two houses one sewer line is no problem at all.



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