What is Sewer Repair and Why it is important that You Know About it.

We did create a page on sewer repairs and although that page was intended to have you choose us over other sewer repair companies, it is also true that page help you get to know and understand what sewer repair is about.

Well in simple words, sewer repair is the same as watermain repairs, only well it is the sewer. It is not a glamours job, we know, since we would have to go in there and do all the cleaning for you, and then repair what ever is broken, it does take time and resource and a lot of man power, we do have the man power and resources, but many times we lack the time, that is because we have lots of jobs going on at once and it is difficult sometimes to keep up, with that said, we get it right, like our motto, failure is never an option.

Sewer repair is a necessity, since without it you wouldn’t be able to use the toilet and that is a very important place for everyone in the family to go, you may live with out the TV or without electricity or without your phone, although electricity is important too, the point is that the toilet is a must and you can not by pass it, so what happens when your sewer breaks and you need to repair it, well a simple plumber can not do the job, plumbers can fix toilers but not sewers and sewers are far more complicated since they need to excavated and get to the source of the problem and then fix it, we use cast iron pipes that are non rusty. They are the ideal choice for any homeowner.

Going back to getting your sewer repaired, a plumber can not do the job, since plumbers do inside plumbing, but not outside work, that is the job we specialize in, outsize excavation sewer repair.

We get the call or you call us and we go to your place we size up the job or jobs, get the right permits, go over the length of the work with you and then we start excavating, we get to where the broken sewer pipe is and we replace it, we then again bring dirt and we fill the pit we made, put concrete on top if necessary and the job is all done. Because of the sheer nature of the job, we do charge a price, depending on the man power involved, the materials used and so on, and again we won’t charge you any unforeseen fees we are very through in the way we do business. In conclusion do not hesitate and call us today for your sewer repair and we will gladly assist you.



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