Everything you Need to Know About Water Main NYC

NYC a beautiful city, you may have walked on its pavements, have skate or biked on its streets. You may have gone on top of some of its skyscrapers, maybe have seen Time Square or have seen its museums, what you may not be aware of its watermain and sewers, yes NYC is made of a lot of water mains and sewers, under the beautiful skyscrapers runs so many pipes, and like we have said in our other blog posts we have enough pipes to go to Seattle and back.

That is not the only thing that runs down the city, there are TV cables, internet cables, electric cables, and so much more. That is right not only subways run underneath the city, but many cables and pipes. Those pipes do run deep and because those watermains have been there for a very long time, they get rusty and break. That is when we come into play. We have doing it for a very long time and we are experts in it, we have repaired countless of water main in NYC, and like our motto says, failure is never an option.



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