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How do you fix a broken sewer line?

How do you fix a broken sewer line?

If you feel you can fix a broken sewer line by yourself, then we say go for it. You will need however the right equipment and know where to excavate to get to the problem. Once you are able to reach the problem, you will see the broken sewer pipe.

You will have to dig a bit deeper around the sewer pipe and go a bit down, with the sewer pipe naked and free of any soil/dirt, you will have to have two round locks that you will be able to place around the pipe after you cut it.

That is correct, you will have to cut the pipe and add those locks around it, it depends on the material of the pipe, you will have to choose the right way to cut it. Now, once the pipe the broken part of the sewer has been cut off, then once again add the locks to it, then get the right measurements and cut a brand new sewer pipe. Place it inside the locks so it matches both ends. Make sure they are tight and secure. You may also run a test to see if there is any water coming out of it. Once you are finish refill the hole with soil and you are done.

If yo feel you can not do the job by yourself and need help since New York City does offer three to 10 day notices to people who fail to comply with its laws, then it is better to call in the professional and we are here to help you out. We are open for business 24/7, that is right you may call us at any time and we will happily answer your call.



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