About Us

We are committed to providing the “Best Possible Service”.

Here at Subsurface Water Main and Sewer, our family owned and operated services are all in house. From cement to asphalt to expediting! We believe in being honest and responsible for every job we do. As a family run business, our quality of work, professional service and our guarantee means your next sewer and water main repair is done right the first time.

Pullini is one of the oldest names in sewer services & water main services in New York City and Five Boroughs. Licensed Master Plumber Americo Pullini (Lic. #1295) is the third generation of plumbers working in the Metro Area.
Our crews are experienced and professional. We are stocked and equipped to handle all your 24 hour emergency needs! Get 24/7 rapid response to your water services or sewer services emergency. Each job is inspected, estimated, and checked by a highly trained supervisor and performed to strict compliance to NYC DEP code. Our crews are led by foreman who have over thirty years experience in field.
We have incomparable experience in NYC sewer and water main services, sewer service disconnection, DEP notices, sewer services installation, and sewer check valves.

All of our work is performed under strict adherence to all applicable code ( i.e. NYC D.O.T, NYC D.O.B, NYC D.E.P) as well as Parks Department.

We will provide all necessary permits, affidavits and inspections.